How to connect electric scooter throttle to ESC?

Hello, I am building electric scooter and I’m not sure how to connect electric scooter throttle to 80A (5-12S) ESC… Do I just connect it or…?

Thanks, Raivo

The easiest way is to use servo tester ie. But You will have to use soldering iron to make it work…

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Where exactly do i solder those 3 wires? Do you have any picture or something?

There are instructions how to. One more thing: you will probably need to jumpwire both grounds from removed potentiometer.

Don’t use that ESC, it is meant for drones so the braking and acceleration will be off.

Any other suggestions in this price range?

Maybe a 120A FVT Esc? Anything other then a boat or hell esc should be good.

Were you able to connect the throttle to the esc ?? I want to do the same thing

I have a question, do these electric throttle rotate on both sides, one for acceleration, other for brake . or is it only acceleration?