How to connect eSkate vesc app

Hi I can connect the eSkate app to my HM-10 Module I have iPhone 8 and vesc 6 Some one can help me thank you

I don’t have the Vesc 6, but I just plugged my module in, turned on the board, and opened the app.

What exactly is the problem?

I do the same but is not working

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I’m sorry I do not know about the Vesc 6. Maybe try researching at site. It seems more geared to Vesc 6.

Make sure baud rate is 9600bps

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Did you select ppm and uart in the tool?


And make sure your phone supports ble there are apps to check


have you tried beating it with a stick?


I just plug in my vesc I need to use tools can you tell me what I have to do

in the ppm app of bldc tool select ppm and uart, search for it you will find a better explanation

Ok thank you

lol. Which app are you using?

Ackmaniac on the computer and eSkate vesc on the phone

ok so you should be fine just doing everything described in the Ackmaniac app thread for configuration.

Other than that, you´ll find help here:

If you did configure everything the right way and it´s still not working, you might have a bad hm-10 module.

You have the right module and it´s still funny? Maybe contact @emmaanuel.

Hi, Most of connection problem can be solved verifying:

  • your vesc app is in « ppm and UART » mode
  • your vesc uart speed is the same between your Bluetooth module and your VESC (usually 9600 or 115200 bauds)

Let me know if this fix your problem.

Ok I will let you know thank you

If I have the iPhone 8, vesc6, and use ackmaniac for set up the Bluetooth module it will work or no Thank

Ok I do everything and now the app Connect but show me nothing everything is at 0

send the debug log, I’ll check that.

Is ok thank you everything work now Thank you Just one question i have motor 6374 sk3 And for pole motor I make 5 is look like the speed is good what do you think thank you