How to connect motor to Vesc (Enertion parts)

Hello guys I was wondering how to connect my three motor cables to the VESC. I tried inserting the vesc pins to the motor ones but they are a bit too thick. I dont want to damage the pins which is why I am asking how to do it correctly. Thanks i advance!


You have to solder on 5.5mm female connectors on them.

Like these, but you can probably find them cheaper somewhere else:

The vesc doesn’t actually have pins on it, its just wire that’s been covered in solder. You either need to get female 5.5mm bullet connectors (the motor connectors are 5.5mm male bullet connectors) and solder them to your VESC wires. Or remove the bullet connectors from the motor wires and solder the wires together directly. I would strongly recommend the first option as it makes the process of disconnecting your motor at a later stage much simpler.

Enertion includes the Female connectors with either the motor or the VESC (I forget which) but if you ordered both you should find a little baggy with them in it

I have these. I think they will work. Whats the correct orientation?

Test fit them into the motor wires. If they fit you’ll want to solder the right side of the one outside the bag to the VESC wire. Make sure you insulate with heatshrink or electrical tape.

Connecting a motor to the VESC should be a trivial act, please please please do some more research before connecting any power to your system.

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Make sure you fill up that hollow part with solder so you have a nice and sturdy connection with your VESC so it can take vibration and some pulling from the wires if you want to remove them eventually.

I’m using spare xt90 pins are those too big? They fit pretty snug

That works too… Where did you find those wheels ?? :astonished:

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EBay hah I had to chop one up all ghetto lol xD

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