How to correctly tighten your belt?

Hi guys,

yesterday I tried to go up a pretty steep hill on my single motor build. I noticed the same rattling sound that I sometimes get while breaking. Pretty sure it is the belt skipping and I wonder how I can fix this. To get the belt tension I have now I basically pulled as hard as a can on the motor and then tightened the screws on the mount.

Is there a better way? How do you do it?

Or same thread, the cheater method:

You don’t understand my question. I have seen the video and know how tight it has to be. But how do you actually get it to be that tight with a normal mount? The metroboard people have a screw in place that moves the motor - on a normal mount you don’t and it is obviously not enough to just manually pull (as I have stated above).
So what other methods besides pulling are there? Use special tools?

What mount do you have? (Enertion, DIY?)

loosen all but one screw between clamp and mount and pivot it with a little force around this one screw, then tighten the rest.

I made the mount myself and don’t have additional screws between clamp and mount. The angle is fixed and I can only move the motor directly with its 4 motor screws

@Maxid If you made the mount without any belt-tensioning features, I think you’re limited to getting a different sized belt or installing an idler pulley.

I find that the belt can skip even if it is tensioned properly, if the settings for braking and acceleration force exceed what the belt can handle. If you’re using VESC there are a lot of options to adjust this. If you have another ESC, check to see if you can edit either of those two parameters.

@Maxid: Have you tried using a mechanical tensioner like in the image below? I have similar issues with my custom electric longboard and was thinking I might try to solve the issue using a mechanical tensioner.