How to create a poll

Creating a poll is really easy,

All you need to do is wrap a list with [poll][/poll] in your post. Polls can be added to any post within a topic, and you can add multiple polls to your post. See for further information.

Here is a short example for a singular poll in a post:

 - This is useful
 - This is pointless
 - I like tacos

To add multiple polls to your post, you need to specify the name parameter:

[poll name=examplePoll]
 - This is useful
 - This is pointless
 - I like tacos
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How did you make a poll?

I was wondering the same thing @onloop I commented in the lounge and none of the mods knew.

Someone said earlier this week that only onloop can.



That is correct. Only @onloop can create a poll. Just use an online form maker and paste the link.

It requires custom ‘code’. I created a poll in this topic

@stuxtruth @lox897

Care to explain?

I don’t see why this should be restricted from the community. No point in doing so.

It’s probably an oversight / config issue. Be patient :wink:

I dont know if @onloop wants everyone to know, because if he did he would have told us by now. There have been multiple people asking. I can see why he may not want poles everywhere, it could gunk up the forum if used improperly, or over used. I am gonna let @onloop chime in. If he dosnt say anything if 1 - 2 days, i will make a thread about it.

Maybe @onloop we should make a poll asking if people want poll’s on the forum. I only posted one, becuase i thought it was necessary’. I can see the pros and cons of polls on the forum.

Well, it is not that hard to find out. 2 Minutes google search.

Yes I know. I think we should put a hold on poll’s until Jason gets back.

I’d say we should have polls, but only regulars or higher should be allowed to use them. We really don’t need spam… I can already see it: each topic has a poll “should I or should I not get 2 motors?”

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@anorak234 Yes that is exactly what I am talking about. The forum will be littered with them from people asking basic questions. I would agree that only regular’s and mods should be able to create them.

@link5505 why the disrespect? I said let’s wait for Jason, and u just go figure out how and make your own poll. I don’t get it.

@barajabali I think u should split this to the lounge, so we can carry on in there, and not hijack this thread.

I feel like the forum will be littered with polls like what motor should I buy? What trucks are the best?

We should have a poll to decide if we should be allowed to make a poll lol

I like tacos

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Don’t know if this is poll related but I like tacos too

Hey I like tacos…

Check the exemple giving by Onloop :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: