How to factory reset the VESC

My electric skateboard just stopped working the other day and everything is connected and the batteries are charged. How do I factory reset the VESC to its original settings and firmware?

From my experience, something like this is usually software/firmware related if everthing else works.

You can click ‘read default’ at the bottom of the BLDC tool and then apply the settings. You can then go back in and select the original firmware.

That would be the only way I can think of to ‘factory reset’ the vesc

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Is there any other ways to factory reset a 4.12 VESC?

Reflash firmware?

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Thank you, I did reflashed the firmware and it worked. Thankfully I had saved the files to flash and update firmware (4.10, 4.11, 4.12) on my pc.

Nice. Glad it worked for ya

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how do you reflash the firmware?

Using the vesc_tool you can flash new firmware over usb connection from any computer. Make sure the hardware version you select matches your real hardware and you should see a few options.