How to fix motor pulley to shaft?

Hi just wondering how to fix the pulley to shaft. Is threadlock enough? do i need a bolt? thanks


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You need something stronger than threadlock imo, although some people do use threadlock only

Its your choice really, how much do u trust a threadlock bond vs a bolt

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loctite 648. That’s what you need.


best thing! Removable with heat. And reaaaaally strong AF

Hi Koto,

Please don’t batter me everyone but IMHO threadlock (even Loctite 648) is not suitable for retaining a motor pulley alone.

A key or at least a pinch bolt (grub screw) and a flat on the motor shaft is needed and some Loctite too.

The Loctite alone can’t cope with the substantial rotational shear forces present here.


I dont known where you take that from, but many people (and myself ) are riding loctite 648 without anything else! And were all riding heavily under load! Before this stuff fails, a keyway breaks :wink:

The amount of surface area you have on these shafts is pretty substantial. The only reason not to use retaining compound is so you can remove the pulley easily. Retaining compound has more than enough strength to hold the pulley in place, the issue arises when you want to take it off as it is meant to be used as a permanent bond.

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that too, is no problem with heat. Like i said, this stuff is gold!

Hello. I am looking for the answer to this same question, I want to secure my enertion motor pulley to my shaft with loctite and a keyway/key. When I search “loctite 648” into amazon, it comes up with a red bottle but the liquid is green. Is that what I want? I would most likely go to my hardware store to find it. I was just wondering if there are different colors of loctite 648 and which color is best.

yes, this is what you need. Loctite 648. One color; no need for keyways, grub screws.

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Awesome thanks. I will still use my keyway though as I already have it. Just to be ultra clear, I can heat up the pulley with a heat gun to remove it afterwards? Also, I was just going to coat the shaft in this loctite then slide the pulley on. Is that the correct way to do it?

Still wondering about this?

What specifically do you not understand?

The exact procedure of attaching the pulley to the shaft with loctite. Loctite is a liquid and the shaft is circular so wouldn’t it all just run down and drip off before I can slide the pulley on? Also how exactly do you remove it? Just heat it up with a heat gun and pull it with some pliers?

648 is like glue. Just make sure your motor shaft and your pulley is clean. Apply the 648 around the shaft and slide the pulley over. Wait 48 hours and you´re good to go! For removal: - tutorial - pulley removal easy :wink:

Awesome! That is exactly what I was looking for. I had no idea that the loctite 648 was thick like glue, just assumed it was liquid like the other stuff I have been using. Thanks.