How to get Sanyo 20700a cells now

I needed 30 of the 20700a cells and I heard a rumor that the Dewalt dcb206 has them built in.

So I bought a pack and low and behold, 10 of these beauties.

Online, these cells are going for 18 dollars a cell. If you break it down, you would get these cells for about 9 bucks a pop.


The welds are extremely strong and I damaged the first few cells by pulling the welds off incorrectly and leaving little pin holes once the negative terminal. I got a little bit of leakage in 2 cells. So I went ahead and soldered the negative terminals. I need to do a capacity test on those 2 cells but who knows they may be trashed now.


I use flush cut snips on those, just pry the nickel up a bit and get the snips under and quick snip, nickel flys off, eye protection recommended :wink: I use Hakko CHP TR-5000-R

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Thanks for the recommendation. The stuff they use is not nickel it’s way too strong. I think it’s nickel coated steel.

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Yeah probably, never tested what it was :yum:

Are these for the quad trampa? I thought you needed 36 for the 12s3p

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Yea I need 36 typo!

This is really an amazing find, thanks for sharing!

Here’s a pretty complete teardown of that same battery: