How to learn to work with carbon fiber?

By fully integreate is meant that it is part of the deck and it has a cover from the top (usually) joined by screws :slight_smile:

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@mastercho Sometimes I see that instead of using resin, people use spray adhesive to lay down the carbon fiber properly and than they use resign to soak up the CF layer. I was always wondering which method is better ? and what are pros - cons.

For a complex shape of the mold, the spray adhesive can be applied to tack layers of dry material together. However, “General-purpose” spray adhesives are not specifically designed for use in the vacuum-infusion process because it will leave some residues on the surface.


@mastercho I am not following here …what residue do you mean ? I assume that I use the spray to properly hand lay difficult shape with CF. Then after I lay it down I start to slowly soak it with Resin, so I don’t see any residue anywhere that would bother me or worry. …or am I missing something here ?

Also @MasterCho what is that base coat of resin that they use on Easy composite videos ? Is it regular resin ? I am from Europe and I havn’t really see anything like base coat here in store so I am wondering about what it is.

The adhesive spray is being used to hold fabrics onto mold surfaces during resin infusion, which shouldn’t interfere with the curing process of polyesters or epoxy resins. and make sure you apply a very light mist to the mold surface.

For the durability, the clear getcoat can be applied prior the resin infusion process, it brings the advantages over epoxy gelcoat of being highly polishable and offering UV protection.

Hi, i am gathering material and supplies to wrap my board in Carbon fiber cloth. I just read that we should not let the carbon fiber catch any dust which I did not know and I left it for several months hanging in my workshop. It was catching wood sawdust. I was wondering does the dust ruin the strength of the carbon fiber? Or is it just because of the aesthetic? @MasterCho?