How to make a battery from 18650s

hi I have a bunch of 18650 10000mah batteries at my house and would like to convert a few of them into a skateboard battery does anyone have any sort of pictures or plans how to do this and the best amount of cells to use in it replies are greatly appreciated thank you


link doesn’t come up with anything

seems legit :joy:


they are definitely tried them out on a battery tester

Lol 10000mah :joy:

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There’s plenty of info on this topic. I linked you to the search function. Search for key words like 18650 welding, battery pack etc. And you will find all the info you need. Search the thread before you start a new thread.

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I think @Halbj613 means 10000mah packs, not one cell…

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Nah I think he meant 1 cell :joy::joy: @Andy87

Pics or it didn’t happen

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Btw: we don’t like to see people who have only read about 40min on the forum to start new topics. If there exists already one. Please do first you research. If there is then, something you don’t understand. Open then a topic…

sorry but could anyone give a direct link to a good page to look


k thank you I found what I was looking for

Just do your research. Look on the web. Look at YouTube video’s. there is some garbage on the internet but also good stuff.

Just out of interest, your 10000mAh batteries are more cells or one cell?

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no in multiple cells of course go them tested before I started using them however is 10000mah enough for a battery

It’s more important which cells you use and how much they can output. If you have a 10000mAh pack with only 20A discharge capability, than it’s not enough. Do you know the name of the cells in your pack? Maybe you can upload a picture from them?

it is fine after looking how complicated it is to build these batteries I have just decided to buy one however could you look at my other post about some 4wd stuff which I bought and help me with that thank you

Get good at searching on this forum man. You will find so many threads that will answer all of your questions. If you can’t find it, go to the Noob question thread and ask your question there.

Alot of the senior builders are in that thread and love helping out people in need!