How to make an enclosure for a "Bacon Concave"?

I’m wanting to make a sort of luxury sports car kinda build. Something super comfortable to ride casually, but can put down some serious rubber when you want.

I found the deck I want to use, but it has a sort of bacon concave in the middle.

How could someone effectively make a deck to match the concaves? Is that something that could be done on a vacuum former, or will I need fiberglass?

Another question, they have options for Candian Maple or Olive wood. Which is better for higher speeds, and why?

Just sent @J0ker3366 a very similar deck. Not sure what he has planned but maybe you guys can work it out.

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you could make an enclosure that has no concave and use a neopren/rubber seal to even out the concave.

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I will say the deck i sent (maple with bacon concave) is so solid, it could easily handle having the bottom sanded flat.

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Here you go


That is the exact same deck I think. Super simple, super cheap. I like it! Thank you!

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@thefluffiest I’m using the same deck I have a 3d printed enclosure that is made of multiple segments so its a bit flexible and use 6mm foam around the edge!



Can you share the files ?

@Blacksheep yeah send me a pm and ill try to get around to it today or tomorrow.

The epoxy pools of flatness is an easy way of doing it


If the board is rigid, cut up some foam blocks, glue them and contour one side for walls and bolt a flat panel over the foam blocks.

Post it on Thingiverse! I like that a lot! Is that vinyl or actual carbon fiber on the bottom?

I did this to my deck which is also a 9 ply so it has ample thickness for a bit of shaping. It has a W concave down the middle. But your deck might be more wavy. image

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its vinyl but it looks sweet! its a modified version of a enclosure of one already on thingiverse its modified to be slimmer have a reinforced top and can accommodate skate hardware in its holes if you pm me with your email I will send you the files

I love this shape of board. They feel nice and give you some edge to lean on. I’ve heard trumps boards suck cause they are flat. At least for those who like to carve a little and not just go straight. Nice deck!

yeah the concave on this board is amazing it really locks you in and lets you carve hard with out feeling like your going to fall off I just wish it had a kicktail!

It reminds me of a sports car, and looks super comfy, yet fun to ride on. I’d love to try this style deck before buying it though

How would you rate that deck? I’m excited about it for sure. What are the specs of that board? How long have you ridden it? And problems you can see with it?

I have been running this deck since April and i absolutely love it! the board is running a 10s3p battery and a diyeboard esc the top speed is around 28mph and I don’t feel like I’m going to fall off while carving as the"w" concave really locks you in and gives you an edge to lean on it also is very robust and good quality.

I’m sold! Thanks! I’m super excited about it.