How to make board start from fully standstill?

How can I make my board start from complete standstill. As of now, I have to push a little to make the controller work. What setting in the vesc software controls this?

The hall sensors help with starting without cogging. If you have firmware 4.2 or higher, this can be fixed without sensors… just use hfi (not the easiest to set up for beginners

either hall sensors, or hfi

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the motor jitters around or “cogs” because the vesc can’t tell the position of your motor. If you have extra wires other than the main 3 on your motor, those are the sensors, just plug it into your vesc and reconfigure the motor using the motor wizard. if you dont have the hall sensor wires, make sure the vesc tool is version 2.0 or above, and you can “fake” it by using hfi, this guy does a pretty good explanation of it

Lol. That’s actually @Deodand, the dude that designed the unity and is working on the vesc 5.0 firmware with vedder himself.