How to make carbon fiber wrap more durable

Yea so… I can’t afford real carbon fiber, but I’ve designed a nice desk in Autodesk Inventor but it looks soooooo good in carbon fiber. The wrap that I’ve used before seems to be very prone to things like peeling, scratching etc. Anyone know a way to make it more durable? Clear resin coat maybe?

I’m a painter by trade. My paint is only as strong as the paint beneath it. But the clear coat should help a little. To make it last. I would use a plastidip clear satin spray rather than an acrylic varnish or krylon cause it will give a little. You would have to test it to make sure it doesn’t eat the vinyl. Is adding a layer of carbon fibre out of the question? It’s about $45 per square yard here. Maybe someone could split on it and some epoxy with you? Either way I’d like to see what yo come up with and if it lasts. There are also these kits

Edit in* carbon fibre can mess with radio signals too.

I don’t know what the standard is, but…I have a Vaugenhausen I’m refinishing, also gonna out vinyl that looks like red CF os the bottom. I figured I’d mix some really think epoxy and brush it on the entire bottom and edges then plastidip clear coat to make it look like like CF. I’ll let you know how it works out.


Sweet. I’d love to see some pics once it’s done

I am thinking the same thing I’ve got some cf vinyl on its way and I was thinking the same thing with the epoxy. What is plastidip?

It’s kinda like removable spray paint. You can spray it on but if you don’t like it you can peel it off like duct tape

The 3M primer helps a lot with peeling, and wrapcut gets perfect edges. I haven’t had any problems with durability. Here’s an old thread about the topic:


Why don’t you use the carbon fiber skinning kit? The result is very durable and you can find the kit for around £40 in the UK with everything you need.

Thanks, will try later today

40 euros is more than half my monthly allowance :joy:

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@GrecoMan Haha lol same. @jga That’s almost 3 times my monthly earnings, lucky I’m getting a job in a week or two

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Ok guys, I did not know it was THAT tight…:grin: But I think you won’t be much cheaper with epoxy and pastidip, with a more hazardous result.

Look how amazing your deck would look!

You are right that looks awesome but I’m only 15 lol so money’s tight

I found this. I’d like to try it. Pretty cheap, but looks pretty effective. They did it for a Honda CBR1000RR. I love those bikes! Check it, brutha!

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