How to mount the motors?

If I want to mount my motors like this:

Do I need a reverse motor mount and a normal motor mount? https:///collections/motor-mount-parts/products/reverse-motor-mount-only And https:///collections/motor-mount-parts/products/v4-motor-mount-only

Or can I just use two normal motor mounts. I will probably go with sk8 80mm motor or sk3 85mm motor. And torqueboards 218mm trucks.

If you use TB218 trucks you can probably mount them on the same side. Mounting them front and back like that is useful if you are using a shorter hanger like a Caliber2 or CaliberE.

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Yeah but the sk8 motor will probably fit, but I have read that some have had problems with the motor. So I will probably get the sk3 motor. But it’s 85mm and will probably not fit.

save yourself some money and buy the @boardnamics mounts. they are cheaper and built much better. he sells them with a black anodized coating. the mounts are reversible as well. you will save a significant amount of money and i personally think the quality is better (thicker aluminum)

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