How to pass the bldc and foc tests

I don’t know much about the vesc or getting things to spin on it. If any of you can help adjust what I can to get things spinning as they normally do that would be a big help

Try detection at 10A, What’s your power source btw?

tried 10 and even up to 12. just using 4s lipos

Are your cutoffs set accordingly?

aha . probably not. ill do that. anything else?

If it’s that then no :yum:

Also I’ve never personally done detection at such a low voltage, only for just testing vescs

wow that did a lot now its really smooth and no cogging even with low current and whatever else, but still wont pass! really strange as it’s super smooth and always spins. very encouraging!!! It posted the alpha or whatever it is in the foc too.

no wonder it kept shutting off. the low voltage cut off does a lot

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I would restore to defaults, refix the cutoffs and try again

I did. page by page and then changed the low voltage cutoff way down again. it spins great in fact more consistently than any other motors but it wont pass the bldc test. foc it passed everything.
really nice to see. been ages assuming something was wrong…and this here now passes great with the big 10mm magnets! so they weren’t even the problem.

but would like to pass the bldc test still…not that I ever ride in it but still

Do you have a different previously tested in bldc motor you can try?

not now. too much trouble to set up right now. but good idea. so these motors I have are good! I’m gunna try live data and see if I can get that going and figure a kv

Does it stutter at the very end of the run/detection?

No stutter. Really smooth n controlled but won’t pass bldc. But good on foc

for BLDC detection, in the detection parameters, there’s a min erpm, try lowering that value (since you are detecting with 4S and have a low KV motor)

you shouldn’t need to play around with all those values you are talking about in your video (start up boost etc) to get the detection to work

but you do need to make sure of this:

set your voltage limits properly (what @scepterr said)


if your motor stutters upon detection, increase you current


if the motor gives a heavy knock at the end of your detection, inscrea your “low duty” to 0.1

if all goes well and still fail, decrease your “MIN ERPM”


i think 6s is minimal

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I think 4s is doable but thanks for all the info. On bldc no stuttee and solid and smooth everytime which makes me think some box needs be changed. Low voltage cut off fixed a lot.

What is the kv of your motor?

I tried two different rotors and surprisingly the rotor with wider magnets has a higher kv at 85 and the rotor with the smaller magnets is 72kv. (stators with 9 turns of 17awg in wye). I would’ve assumed the opposite. I guess the bigger magnets are not making a clean magnetic connection to the teeth and actually reducing the productive magnetic field. …but the inductance number showing on the vesc foc test with the 10mm mags is higher so that also is confusing.

at like 72kv and likely not having a problem running at 85% of the no-load the top speed with a 83mm wheel, I’m guessing at about 30mph so syched to run these!! sooooon. I’d assumed there were problems with them because of my lack of vesc knowhow and couldn’t get it to spin nicely with either rotor. think the bldc test wont be a problem based on how awesome it spins and will do some adjusting written above.

try to drop the MIN ERPM to 400-500

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