How to reach Torqueboards company?

Aloha, first time poster here. Im at Uni and decided to build my own board, so I bought a lot of things from torqueboards to get started. I have a receipt of purchase but haven’t gotten any package after ~2 weeks. Reading online it says 1-2 days shipping :frowning: . I’ve tried emailing but haven’t gotten a response either. I’m hoping someone on here has some advice to give.

Also, I bought all of the items while going back and forth with customer service on their site, which was very helpful. If it’s a small company I’m sure they are very busy during this time.

Edit: He got back to me and told me it would be shipping out shorty. Thanks TB :slight_smile:

Summoning @torqueboards

Yea I forgot to tag them :facepalm: . Thank you

There’s another forum also where Dexter is perhaps more active. Something about news and esk8?


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