How to read belt specs?

Hello guys I have a question, which specs of a belt are needed to see if it fits with the pulleys?? for instance: I have 2 different belt drives:


Then I have this belt:

Which belt drive kit can use this single belt?? And can you explain why, so I can apply the knowledge in the future

First you need to know the width of your pulleys, then you pick your belt to match that. Second you have htd3m and htd5m belts, the htd5m belts have larger teeth so on a single drive there is less skipping. Then you have to calculate the max distance between the pulleys using your picked belt lenght(size), this will give you your truck axle and motor axle distance so you can be sure your belt will work with your mount. Both pulleys have 10mm belt width, but it appears it is meant to be an exact replacement for the first kit (the black one), but you can never be sure with china kits because they rarely mention the specs.

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