How to read old Vesc settings before FW upgrade

When i connect my FOCBOX to the vesc-tool, it says that i have to old fw and need to upgrade. And thats fine, i will do that. The problem is, that i cant remember my old settings (bat max/motor max etc) And it would be nice to know them, before i upgrade. Is their no way to se my old settings in vesc-tool ? Seems to me linke a bug, that i cant do that ?


I believe you will have to read them using the old tool and save (save xml button) them, than upload the same file to the vesc tool and click write.

Do you know where to find old vesc-tool versions ?

There must be a link on the forum somewhere, try searching for whatever tool you have. What version do you need?

One of the first version of vesc tool. Can’t remember the exact number. But there must be another way. I dont think, that i’m the first who wants to know my settings before upgrade.

Oh, i was expecting like 2.18 FW or something, I dont have what you need unfortunately :confused:

The oldest one I have 0.80 Let me know if you need it.

This is the oldest version I could find on my PC it is .86

HA! Mine is older!

(Sorry couldn’t resist :sweat_smile:)

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Mine is a bigger number :sunglasses::joy:

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Oh well… You can’t have everything in life… no?

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Thanks guys.

The fw on my focboxes is 3.28

@Martinsp Your vesc-tool is to new :stuck_out_tongue: @RedEagle Do you mind send me 0.80 ?


Yeah sure np


Thanks for all your help guys

I managed to find an old backup on my NAS drive, and it was 0.81. Yeaah :slight_smile:


So umm… You don’t need me to send you my copy of the tool?