How to remove a motor shaft?

Hey guys,

I got two 6355 from TB. One has the pinion a little loose. I disassembled the motor, and I can turn the shaft by few millimeters. How I can remove it from the can?

They still under warranty? If so don’t open it. @torqueboards will help I’m sure.

@DAddYE You want to secure the set screw on the left side. It could be loose. End of the motor. Try that first. If you have problems afterwards, send us an email.



I had this same issue on my motor as well, I fixed it by loosening those two set screws, taking the shaft out, cleaning it with brake cleaner and applying loctite 680, then tightened the two set screws. It’s been rock solid since then


Thank you! I might need new desk lights because I looked for it for 20 minutes lol!

I did what @Colson003 wrote and hopefully should be fine as well. Thanks for the support guys!

Always amazing!