How to remove thread locked pulley on motor?

Weird I can remove screws with blue thread lock by hand


Problem is the neck of the pulley is alloy and not very thick. if you want to go all mech. engineer and do the calc. you can but I can’t be ass’ed… the alloy is soft and thin, the screw is hardened steel, the surface area of alloy threads in contact is low… you just can’t apply that much force without stripping… the thread locker provides more grip over the entire area in contact.

and shit like this can happen.


Yeah idk what it is, I always get unlucky and mine get stuck every time lol

Thanks for quating my happening :joy:


any time bro :+1:

at least he hasn’t had to walk km’s home dragging his board…

how are you guys building boards without a heatgun? what do use to heat shrink?

applying heat until a little wisp of smoke is released should melt the threadlock and allow you to remove the pulley…



For real though, I use the hot air gun on my soldering station and that tiny little wiper arm remover and it works every time…and the bonus is that it doesn mar or bend the inside collar on the motor pulley.

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You think that’s weird…people don’t have soldering irons :stuck_out_tongue:




for me this method of hiting didnt work. but in this process i learned something usefull, the brand of allen keys

i used to have cheap allen keys which destroyed all my screws. using a good brand you wont destroy your screw and you will have more “torque”, so maybe you will be able to remove your lockthread screw

the brand is called GEDORE

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i used to do all my heatshrink with a lighter burnt burnt burnt burnt burnt

even my $10 toy heat gun is a HUGE improvement


Guilty here as I either use my wife’s pink blow dryer or blow torch which never burnt anything

What exactly are the benefits of a heat gun if the heat and air from a blow dryer is doing the job? Am planning to get one though.

I use a hair dryer ! I really need to buy a heatgun at somepoint tho ! It takes me 10 mins to heatshrink a battery with a hirdryer…

Try using a lighter or just go buy a flame torch for 10$ like that with a small propane tank under it

Yes this is totally doable, but industrial heat air guns are cool, you can fire up some charcoal if you run out of woods for a bbq

Mission accomplished, the first one went out easily but i had a hard time to remove the 2nd one ! I used this torch and it went well

I have a cheap soldering iron but no heat gun however I do have heat shrink, heat gun, nice soldering iron, and a lot of small and large screw drivers plus screws at work. But seriously if anyone doesnt want to spend the money on that stuff atleast get them from harbor freight to do the job.

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To remove my motor pulley, i pressed it with 2 wooden blocks on a vice, used my 100W soldering iron, tinned the tip and pulley, put the iron tip on the pulley for 3min. then i just pulled the motor and it came off easily.

I use this thing, it’s cheap:

But Jaw gap: 11mm, is enough for all pulleys?