How to use a momentary switch with your BMS

Some of you might be familiar with the online distributor Pololu. So many cool components on this site but one very useful device they carry is a simple push button power circuit. It is possible to incorporate this circuit into your build to turn your BMS on and off with a momentary push button switch instead of a toggle!


what would the wiring diagram look for this? Iā€™m confused how the circuit gets power, since usually the switch circuit on a bms/antispark is just short detection, not power delivery


If you check the wires on the bms that are intended to be connected to a toggle switch one will have a voltage reading. Connect that wire to the Vin and the other wire to Vout. You also need to connect the GND on the latching circuit to your battery negative. The last connection is to your momentary switch using the appropriate pins on the latching circuit.


Would you be able to wire this for a 3 pin switch, like is required for antisparks?

Unfortunately, no that would not work as far as I am aware. Not with this circuit.

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