How to use an ABS braking system for an electric skateboard?

Hi guys,

I am building an electric skateboard and want to install an ABS braking system and would like to know how to do it since I don’t have any prior experience. I want to make a pressure sensitive bake like how a car has. The more you press the harder it will brake. Can anyone guide me which pressure sensors to use and how to connect them to the brakes. And are there any possible calculations that can be done?

Some help would be greatly appreciated.


All of our builds are pressure/input sensitive already. If brakes were all or nothing there would be a lot of accidents.

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that’s how most car esc’s work already! same with the VESC, torqueboard’s esc, etc. You’ll be good to go :smile:

The terminology would be progressive brakes, ABS brakes are completely different.