How to use spacers on GEARED wheel combos

At first, I intended to use built in spacer bearings, so I could clamp down on it all with torque. Then, it started to become clear to me that clamping down, shoves on the bearing in the gear, not on the wheel bearings alone. Has anyone used torque, instead of only enough thread to retain, and not wobble?

Can a spacer be found that will do likewise to the gear, so that you can crank down on the bearings?

To add, perhaps it is somewhat of a nonissue, as the gear is aluminum, and the bearings stay square to the wheel, just by close machining.


You should have spacers on the entire shaft/between the inner races of all bearings.


That will require me collecting my mini lathe, for they are all different.

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buy small ones and stack lol

Just for info, there is only one company that makes 10mm spacers, NO speed rings. So, only a lathe can fix it.

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link??? lesseeee

5MM X 10MM SPACER KIT | Surf-Rodz

my gear drives from boardnamics came with all the spacers I need, ther must be more than one company.

I do need to find 10mm speed rings though

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Those are proprietary pieces. Meant JUST for that application.

Trust me when I say, you will not find another source for 10mm. It is stupid, for 10mm is the new 8. As Eboards get bigger, and MTBs are on the move, the future is up, in dia.


can you share a photo of this setup?

I stand corrected. Another has just started carrying them.

Khiro 10mm x 10mm Longboard Skateboard Bearing Spacer -

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