How to wire 3s2p

Hello I was wondering how one would wire up 6 12v lipo packs to get 36v and double the capacity.

You wire them in series, or in simple terms connect the positive of one batter to the negative of another until you have your desired voltage.

When you wire in series: each time you connect a battery you double the voltage but the mAh stats the same.

would I wire up three in series twice or would I wire up 2 in parallel three times, or would it not matter?

if you have 6x 3s pack, you won´t reach 36V (10s) you have the option to wire 3 cells in series to get 9s and then 3 in parallel to double your capacity

So I would have to get 9 3s batteries?

you said you have 6 lipos already, which I guess are 3s? You could build 6s3p, 9s2p or 12s1p (with 2 3s packs left)

Thanks! I understand now :smile:

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