How to Wire a AC Fused socket

Hi i know this is a bit off topic but i hope you can help. How should i wire this up.

Why would you want to? Im confused as to what the question is here for a couple of reasons…

  1. This is a standard ATX power socket, so it would pipe 120v AC into your battery (assuming you wanted to use it to charge). That’s just a great way to blow crap up :slight_smile:.

  2. If its just for the switch, to power on and off the board, there are much smaller options available for a couple of bucks. It would still require a BMS with e-switch or a vedder switch to work though.

3D printer upgrade?

A wee bit off topic?

Thank you for answering. Ny mistake for making this more complicated than it is. This ia for the power supply for the 3d printer that I will be printing my battery enclosure on. Its ac so I’m confused on how this should be wired. And of course I apologise for a bout of topic

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It looks like The top Tabs Should be marked with P/L,N,E. Get your multimeter and set to ohms and figure out what is open and closed on the back of the red switch if it’s not marked with n/c, c, n/o. Wire from the L of the top tabs to the common © of the switch and wire from the n/o to what ever it is you are trying to power. The N and E can run straight to said device. Can draw you a diagram if needed.


The bottom three pins are just a standard led rocker switch

plus what sourcecode said, MF types quicker than me :joy:

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You could definitley use this with an antispark switch and an internal charger… There are some problems with having an internal charger, but im sure they could be overcome. Then all you would need to carry around would be a wall plug…

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