How u plug this new maytech remote in

No instructions included but thought this would be the easy part

just plug in the FOCBOX PPM cable

Which is that.

Above the canbus or under. My labels aren’t clear. Doesn’t seem to fit

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Not uart above canbus

…well, just connect it with Focbox :stuck_out_tongue:

Focbox has female port, this one is male type, so…

since its possible to hook up any 10S battery (without having to use a maytech vesc as stated in the manual) to the receivers GND and 42V pins to have the remote indicate battery status, its advised by maytech to connect a 10K resistor to the positive side between the battery and receiver.

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It seems to have an adapter or something attached maybe. It has three pins not three holes. Can’t get what seems an adapter off though

Be careful with that remote, it made me fly on my ass today during hard acceleration due to disconnecting issues…

PPM is the port with 3 pins. The old focbox didnt have a ppm Cable attached like the new ones do.


Its funny since you make fkn motors yourself and can’t plug a reciever in :sweat_smile:

Damn longhairedboy says it’s great. Will see. So I need an adapter or can I possibly remove what looks like an adapter in my pic

@Hummie …your Focbox has no wire for remote? o0

Pins to pins though. Two males is no party.

No wire for remote

So I need an adapter or cable or something I guess. ?

Or maybe could just solder it?
Hard to find adapter locally I think.

I am always thinking this :smile:

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You need an adapter I am pretty sure

Got an adapter I can pick up thanks. Yea motors are electrically simple. It’s more so mechanical design. I don’t know much about electronics or even plugs.