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How wide the wheel for traction?

Hi Guys

I have checked the forum first, but didn’t find an answer to my question.

Do you think, using the Enertion motor or similar (~2400-3200 kW) to drive a single inline skate wheel type (the slender type), is it enough for the traction? Or I will inevitably need a wider wheel like the skateboard type to have proper traction?

This is meant to carry a person of course.

Best Regards

Could you please link some photos of what the wheel types are that you are talking about?

Also it is just W, not kW

Hi seanpain4, thanks for your reply.
Yes it’s W not kW :slight_smile: that was a typo.

The wheels I am speaking about are normal inline skate wheels.

Never seen anyone use those for a board yet, so can’t really say, but my guess is with a wheel that thin traction is going to be an issue, especially on a single drive.
And you’d propably wear them out pretty fast as well.

somewhat related:

seconded on what @Iceni said, too thin and will wear out super quick.