How will I build my electric skateboard?

I am going to build an E board. If I purchase the Single motor pro mount kit, the space cell battery, a 72mm enertion motor, and a vesc from DIY electric skateboards, what else will I need? Also, how will I wire it all together? How fast will it go? What will be the battery life? Please clarify.Thanks

There is a great search feature on this site. You can read through a couple hundred threads that asked the very same questions as you just asked. And if you do make an attempt at reading thru the forum you’ll learn a lot! I promise.

Like that helps.
(It doesn’t).

lol gotta follow this thread


So you think all of the collective knowledge and information on this forum is useless? It’s going to be hard for you to build a board if you can even afford the time for research…good luck

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We make/learn from our own mistakes so others don’t have to

Tis true! Only when they’re willing to read though…

When I read the first thread post. I was like, meh I didn’t want to bother replying this type of questions over and over again lol.

What else do you need? ALOT! switches (depends), cable, XT60 connectors, anti-spark plug / electric switch (depends), fuse (depends), 5.5 gold plug connector for the motor and esc wire. Pulleys, belt, gears, voltmeter, shrink tube, 2.4GHZ RC remote / Nyko Kama nunchuck / any remote compatible with VESC.

How do you wire all together? Just connect Battery to ESC and ESC to Motor (that simple) For battery use parallel for more distance, series for more speed

How fast will it go? Depends on motor kv, battery voltage, gearing

What will be battery life? Depends on what batteries you buy. Lipo / li Ion and how many amp hours

My suggestion is to find 4 - 5 people build thread, read their post. Get an idea about their build and correlate them into your build and desired specifications. AND then you ask specific questions that you don’t understand.

Otherwise buy Raptor / Boosted Board / Evolve / Ego depending on what brands you like. If you can’t handle the reading and or mistakes and impatient, than DIY is not for you mate.

post pictures please . we are all excited for you here .

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For me, it is better of if you buy a new one. I mean, it will be less hassle on your part and you can be rest assured that you are safe since such an electric-stakeboard refined and created by a prominent yet credible e-gear online store is there to back you up with all the warranties should there be a problem the moment you use it.