How would you build a Landyachtz Dinghy?


Lightweight City Cruiser Can take a bit of punishment, specifically expansion gaps from bike paths Speed is not a priority but at least 18mph Can do uphills (90kg rider)

My Ideas so far:

A) Battery: 10s2p 30q Motor: Carvon V4 TD Front Truck: I don’t know what’s compatible with the TD Wheels: ABEC 11s, I’m not sure what size is good to help with bumpy rides/shock absorption ESC: FOCBox/TB/Maytech

B) Budget Friendly Battery: 2x5s LiPos Motor: Ownboard Hubs Trucks: Ownboard Trucks ESC: Ownboard ESC + remote Pray to God shock pads are enough to dampen vibration from the expansion gaps

C) Battery: 10s2p or 2x5 LiPos Motor/Gearing: Single 6374 170kv 16/36 Trucks: Stick with the polar bears if a mount is available or use caliber ii Wheels: ABEC 11,? ESC: FOCBox,TB,Maytech

Any other ideas how this can work?

A or C, both of them are really nice :slight_smile: I would personally go for C, just because I think Carvons on such a small board are bit overkill but it could end up in really sexy build :slight_smile: Also C will be the lightest of all the options :slight_smile:

I plan on doing build like this one, but I dont have a need for so much power :open_mouth:


A or C, definitely not B

Sorry for the weird pics. I am doing a dinghy right meow! Im going 10s2p 190kv 6374 single. I am acrually going to make the mold off that plug tomorrow.


I also used the shorter caliber trucks (160s vs 184s). Had to mod the hanger a bit to get enough clearance. But I think the size fits the build a bit better.


what enclosure are you guys planning?

@Sender That’s awesome! I’m going to use your build as a guide. Do the 184s look awkward on it? What is that mount you used?


even with the 160mm truck it still looks pretty wide so yes. The 180mm truck will look weird.

@Sender how do you make your mold if you don’t mind me asking. Like what material did you use.

@DeathByBacon I’m in the process of making a small cruiser that’s relatively light. 29 in x 7.5 deck with kicktail. I use Paris truck originally for HUBs but TorqueBoard doesn’t seem to know when they will get them so I just switch to chain-drive. If I have the money, I’d go for carvon HUBs. MBS wheels would be great IMO.

I made it out of foam and wood and then sprayed it with Duratec polyester primer.

And yes, IMO the 184s look a bit silly on the dinghy.

@Sender how’s it going? Any pictures/videos of the completed build?

I haven’t finished it yet. I was sick (fucking strep throat) this week. I am pretty sure it is because I was hammered on St Patties day and ate some random half eaten chicken wings from some strangers plate. Or thats what my friends tell me at least :joy::joy:.

I need to get on it though because it is for my bambino and his birthday is april 4th!

If the enclosure looks good, I can make one for you because I now have a mold.


Not here to derail. But @Sender, I’m doing a build on an old Powell deck of much the same dimension as the dinghy. I would be interested in obtaining an enclosure possibly as well. There might be a small market for those wanting to do a smaller build needing a specific enclosure.

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I love the dinghy. I wonder if you could squeeze 10s3p underneath it if you use carvons

For sure, it would just take a little layout tinkering.

If you can get some older ones sure, but you’d probably get better user for something like v4’s with a larger deck

I agree with this. That would be a waste on this deck IMO.

What mount is that? Wheel pulley teeth and belt width?

Did you get this little beaut finished?

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Oh yeah!

Thank you for all the Fiber glass/CF tips

20180713_104852 20180712_194531 20180712_171419 20180712_193143 20180712_181039 20180712_193103 20180513_121036

Here is this other enclosure I made feom scratch and the deck it is going on.

Still need to finish it and add black glass frit to the top.

20181024_095741 20181024_120103 20181025_091808 20181016_194607 20181029_075000 20181029_074947

Going for a “Captain Phasma” look


The deck needs another round of sanding and epoxy, and I need to finish the bottom.


Where did you get that colored glass fiber sheet from and what thickness is that? I wasn’t able to get those nice corners, had to do sanding a lot. This looks awsome! Makes me wanna build one for my son too.