HTD5M-265-15mm-53T belts EU SOLD

I’ve got 5 brand new belts for sale. Got these from AliExpress and ordered too short belts, so I have no use for them.

HTD 5M - 265mm - 15mm wide - 53 teeth

3 € a piece and shipping within EU 2-3 € (from Sweden) depending on how many you buy. Payment via PayPal.

I’ll take 3 of them, can paypal you, PM’ing now

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2 belts left = 8 € EU shipping included or one for 5€ incl shipping

And received, thanks Sebike!

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BUMP and price lowered!

350 eur for two belts. (it took me months to find these) :grin:

Our maybe 5 € shipping included for two belts within EU! you decide! Deal of the century!

Don’t miss out on this deal… :grin:

5 eur for two belts :dizzy_face::scream::astonished:, shipping included within eu!


Price will increase astronomically within a few days!! :grin:

I’ll have them if still for sale

Shoot me a pm with your address and I’ll give you my paypal. :blush: Actually it’s black Thursday, so now they’re 4,99 EUR :joy::joy:

Dude, we have to get them down to at least 4.97 EURO

In that case this deal is off. No belts for you!! :rage:

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