Hub motor 48 hour sale

Hey guys so because of some delays with shipping because of a bad batch of urethan I have had some refund requests and because of this I now have some left over stock.

If any one wants a set of 83mm hub motors with trucks they will be going for a great low price of $255 plus shipping. Will ship end of September for these new orders.

Oh come on! A sale right when I spend all my money on batteries :laughing: :sweat: :disappointed: :cry: :sob: lol

If anybody in Europe (Germany) needs them quicker (plus 2 Enertion VESCs) let me know. After the incident today I will probably sell mine. Not trying to make a profit so let me know if you are interested.

Never used!

So you are offering a set of the “bad batch”?

yes - but can not comment if they are actually “bad”. Never tried them. Also you could just buy new urethane from the original manufacturer for a couple bucks:

So does this mean a solution to the " bad batch" has been found?

Interested, I am in Austria (Innsbruck)

I dont think he meant a bad batch. I assume that the bad batch is retuned for a newer batch but the buyer didnt want to wait for it.

What incident?

Basically I have tested some better urethan made by a proper wheel manufacture.

Also I havnt just purchased these motors from a manufacture I have been making this same design for 2 years and the manufacture feels it is ok to copy them and sell them. And buy you advertising them undercutting me is basically saying you do not support the community of DIYers who have worked hard to provide new product to other memebers.

The more you do this the more members like @torqueboards @Hummie @LEVer @chaka are just gonna give up and piss off just because you wanted to save a few.

The motors I will be shipping will have brand new urethan that should not have any problems and maybe even a new can design.

Athe sole reason for this sale is for those who want a refund can receive it.

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Which is why I purchased the motors from you and not them directly. The reason I accepted waiting 3 months for motors is because I want to support you. However with the “slipping wheel” problem you did not offer a solution so far and if somebody asks me about it I tell them and try to solve it right away with the options I have. In the meantime you are hopefully working on a permanent fix. I did not advertise their motors but only their urethane because it is cheap and could be a solution while we wait for you to come up with a better one.

Not sure why you feel like I am a bad guy here - I actually support you and bought your motors.


I’m sorry to lash. It’s just I’m trying my best and I have almost half of my orders opening PayPal disputes so I’m just a little stressed.

The urethan they are advertising is basically the same they have just copied my wheels exactly.

No worries - I understand the situation is stressful.

I figured that they are the same wheels (the invoice when your motors arrived even stated freerchobby as sender) and just thought that once the slipping problem occurs and the original urethane is deformed new wheels might help while passing the time until your solution is ready.

When do you ship the new batch?

He said it in the first post:

And the old orders which were not shipped?

I don’t think there are old orders that will get the “bad” batch

I have purchased a set of the first “bad” batch. I did not get mine because he does not want to send out “bad” hardware. :thumbsup:

Does this “new” order means that everyone who will buy a set from today will get it shippedat end of september or does it mean that everyone will get shipped their orders till end of september?

no sensor!

Hello Maxid, I´m as well from Fermany and I´m interested in your offer. Which version is the vesc? How much do u want for everything? Kind regards Dirk