Hub motor buzzing and shaking, now doesn't work

As title says, it’s dual hub setup but one hub just started buzzing making a weird grinding noise. Now it doesn’t work, anybody got an idea of what happened?

Could be half a dozen things…

We need information (brand for example), photos, and video to be able to help you. We can’t diagnose a motor problem with a common sign like a griding noise :slight_smile:

Was just coasting the street maybe hit a big bump then it started to sputter. What i didn’t realized was that one hub wasn’t spinning until I went home to inspect. It’s basically a koowheel wheel clone same dual hubs. After checking all wired and trying again they both spin, but then the other hub stops working after a few. Maybe open it up and look inside?

Open up and take pictures. We will likely be able to see from that what’s going on or give you advice on what else to check.

Sounds like a magnet came loose, either that or one of the wires, either phase or hall sensor, has come loose or developed an intermittent short/open circuit.

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Magnet coming lose was my first impression. But can’t say for sure without a picture or video of the inside of the motor

Ditto on what @MysticalDork said. Loosing connection on one of the phase wires will cause the motor to jitter or shake, make strange noises and stop spinning. Easy way to test is to turn the board off, disconnect the motor, take the 3 phase wires and short 2 of them together. The result should be resistance which makes the motor feel like the brakes are on when you try to turn them by hand. Repeat the test with different combinations of 2 until you’re tested all 3 wires. If that’s not the problem then open the motor and check the magnets as @evoheyax pointed out.

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Ok, so I tried it again. It spins one time when I throttle it and then just dies. Opened front plate (broke it :frowning:), stripped the last screw on the back cover. Now just waiting to get the screw removal for my drill.

had the same issue. you have problem with motor phase wires). one of mine where damaged, so i changed them

Damn, just found the problem. The whole wire is torn. Guessing they were touching when spinning and force of wheel jerked wires to lose connect.

Swapped the one usable hub to a penny board with 10s2p for now. So much lighter than a dual hub with 10s4p on a longboard. Ill be using this until I can fix the broken hub.

Can the phase wires be replaced with this kind of hub motor? I have the same kind and the same problem. Only mine is quiet under braking, but loud/whiny under acceleration

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you you make a youtube video showing? just guessing from words is silly

Sure. In bed right now but I’ll do one up tomorrow. :+1:

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OK, I’m awake now, and here are a couple of youtube clips…

This one the Hall sensor is plugged in:

Hall sensor plugged in

This one, the Hall sensor is NOT plugged in: Hall sensor Unplugged


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Also, I checked each phase wire by grounding against each other. All good there. The only issue remaining is that with the Hall sensor connected, I get the jittering and buzzing. Both with my old wheel, and with a brand new, never used one. This makes me think it is something bad on the ESC port where the Hall sensor plugs in.

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Admittedtly as i was going through my motors for testing i came across this issue as well. Sometimes its truly a short or a bad connection.

Sometimes its just the wire order.

In all fairness im still trying to figure out how to determine (easily) since im doing hubs.

if the motor requires rewinding, vs some lead Soder Loving.

In the case of mine, it would work fine as long as the Hall sensor was not plugged in. Plug it in, and it would stop working.