Hub Motor Comparison

I’m about to make my first electric skateboard. It has 2 6s 5Ah batteries and a switch system to switch between parallel and series for either 6s 10Ah or 12s 5Ah. It will be a single hub motor system as I need it cheap and semi-protected. I have 2 in mind: The TORQUE Single Hub Motor 130kV: diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/torque-single-hub-motor/ The Carvon V2.5 Single Hub Motor 85kV: Front_Truck___Wheels_Set_(Raw_Edition).html

I’m leaning towards the TORQUE because of the 130kV in comparison to 85kV, but what do you guys think?

What about Hummie’s hubs?

They look awesome, and are very convenient apparently, as they have the same area code in their phone number as me :slight_smile: and as much as I would love a dual motor system, I can’t afford the extra motor AND the extra VESC.

He is coming out with a longer motor which he will probably sell as a single @Hummie

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Two or three weeks should have…the most powerful direct drive available. Tehe

If u want we can meet in the city somewhere and u can take my board riding.


Torqueboards, Carvons, Hummie hubs, Jacob Hubs, and now Enertion will soon have hub motors as well.

Those are all the hub motors I know that are available. I’ve personally never used hubs before, but have heard good things about hummie and carvon hubs.

I haven’t heard of enertion’s. Do you have a link by any chance?

But do they sell them individually? I can only find them when you get the whole board.

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many months from now you should be able to get them

Do go on about the most powerful direct drive . . .

So basically, if I want it sooner rather than later, I can choose from torque, carvon, and @Hummie upcoming single motor. I thinkI’m leaning toward torque stille because of the higher kV, but can you tell me the specs of your single motor yet or no, humie?

what the most powerful direct drive for sale now I dont know probably carveon zbut in 2-3 weeks, since it’s becoming a category, I’ll make a claim. and based on a guess of what size the stator is in these enertion motors…maybe 53x45…maybe it will be the most powerful when it finally comes out. maybe. the stator size is a very good indication of the power

I don’t know your riding style, weight, or ridding terrain, but I can’t imagine a single 130 kv motor doing what you want… Heck, a dual carvon v2 at 149kv doesn’t do what I want (which is why I’m building a quad carvon v2 board). A single drive needs to be a very powerful motor, which means it needs to be large to fit a large stator.

My understanding from what I heard of torqueboards is he is on the lighter side, rides on flats mostly, at relatively low speeds and low acceleration. I.E. he doesn’t need something super powerful. It really depends on your needs, but I think hummies new motors or enertions will be the best option, besides the carvon v2.5.

Top speed would probably be about 20-25 mph is my goal. Mostly on flat. Assume the top speed would go at 12s. I think it is a decent option, but we will see what comes in the following weeks.

i’ve been hitting 20-26ish on a single v2 carvon…8s and 12s… with a vesc and FOC its so silent it feels like a regular board that just keeps going and going…fun.

not like my belt drive that feels like an angry BLDC Screaming beast…also fun.

@Hummie Still waiting on it, getting excited… any news yet?

I’m waiting impatiently too. They told me they will update me Monday when I wrote them last night but they’re generally on time with things and id bet they’re in my hands in two weeks. Think I’m gunna make something like the two pics with the skate trucks and bike front because most people I know are too scared to ride my board. People often have come over to ask about it but when u ask them if they want to try it 3/4 say no so fast.

How’s the thing at the top steer?

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Actually, can you post pictures of the new wide hubs? I have not seen anything in awhile, and no real pictures or diagrams. Thanks!

I only have drawings still as the first ones are still not here yet. They will look very similar to the past steel except no screw slot on the outside (shaft) and that outside bearing sitting on that shaft will be bigger.

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