HUB Motor Hill Climb Performance

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So guys here is a video of the Hill climb performance. Sorry that the video is abit shaky as I am only using my phone at this moment. The hill is pretty steep, about 25 degree to 32 degree incline and this HUB motor eats it with just half the throttle. I know some of you were waiting for this, I hope this shed some light about the performance.

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#Some Informations# Battery: 6S 25C 10000mah Zippy Lipo (24v 250A discharge) ESC: 2 VESC with BLDC Mode Load: 65kg Degree of Incline: 30 degree varies from 25 degree to 32 degree Motor: Dual HUB Motor Lofty Ambition

After climbing the motor are not hot, you can feel it’s slightly warm but impressively it’s not hot at all. The slower hill climb (near stall condition) however makes the motor warm, but I believe it’s no more than 40 degree Celcius.

Start from Low Ground

Start from The Middle of The Hill

We can also do collective purchase if some member are interested. With bulk purchase price can be cheaper, better mount / configurations, more colors possibilities (wheels and HUB motor cover). At this moment is the only chinese HUB motor that are being sold individually that are pretty good, weather sealed and overal diameter is 90mm together with the urethane.


Looks sweet :ok_hand:t2: How much were these delivered to Europe? Are these waterproof?

it does have sensors . don a video test with and without sensored escs . see how it feels like .

that hill tbh doesn’t look very steep. That’s maybe a grade of 7% at best. I eat hills like that for breakfast. I want to see it go up a black diamond steep hill. That’s what a 25-30 grade hill really is, which is what Lofty Ambition claims they can do.

The price in bulk does look really good around $180 per dual motor truck, that’s under $400 for a 4wd. I would just like to see more videos on steeper hills than that. I am not convinced.

@Haimindo These are completely sealed, I ride in the rains couple of times although the water gets into the bearing the inside seems pretty dry to me.

Delivered to Europe gona cost about 60usd shipping. I paid total 350usd with front wheels and extra spare of wheels. Expensive shipping I have to say because it’s a damn heavy package.

@mostwanted It does have sensor, but I can’t have it working with VESC (always hall sensor detection failed - if someone know why, let me know). However I tried with Car RC Hobby ESC it works both with sensor and sensorless. However I recommend running it with sensored with Car Hobby ESC, the startup torque is so much better.

@evoheyax You can’t get this motor for 180 usd by just one or two order. You need to order 100 or 200 of them to get it to 180 usd per dual drive. That hill is measured about 20 degree - 32 degree incline with some bumps on the pavement. I measured it with rulers. I am also doing only half the throttle or even less, just enough to climb.

I am not sure about grade vs degree conversions, but I kept it as degree to be quite simple to imagine for my self. Pretty sure it can handle about 35 degree as I still have plenty of throttle to push. However I don’t think getting to do 40 - 45 degree is possible. These are quite steep already. It’s doable but not for so long and with a person relatively light like me.

45 degree incline is steep enough to get me scared, standing on a board that incline for 45 degree is also not so comfy.

I am not sure where you got your formulas from but a 45° hill is a 100% grade. It means for a horicontal distance you travelled equally far vertically. So: d_vert/d_hor*100 gives you the grade in percent. The world’s steepest street is 35% (not degrees) - so I am really wondering what kind of streets you guys ride your skateboard on. You would probably not even be able to stand up straight on these hills


the thing is, I keep seeing conflicting information. I got that formula from a physics forum. agrees with what your saying.

The problem I have is, the biggest hill I go up regularly, I calculated to be about 20 degrees. According to geological information, it is a grade of 7%. according to that chart, it is 36% grade. according to the formula I have, I get 11% grade, which seems more fair. Thus I blew off that chart, and researched some more until I found that formula on physics forum.

EDIT: Now that I looked again, I am finding more evidence to back that chart. Why the hell the geological data is so incorrect boggles my mind. Sorry for spreading mis-information.

Yes I was also doubting about hill grade and degree. Mountains could have 40 and 45 and I doubt theres hill more than 50 degree that is rideable with longboard unless otherwise downhill. Thats also what I mean by not so comfy to ride. The hill in my video is steep enough I think to cover most other hill variations. Its short and high enough for hub motor. I think people should consider dual belt for steeper hills in my video.

PS: my single belt drive cant climb this hill (RC Car ESC and have traction problem with uneven path like pavement).

Looks pretty good! And thats quite powerfull for only a 6S setup. They just need to improve the way the wheel connects to the truck though (i weigh about 90kg and wouldn’t feel safe, the way its mounted now).

Hi folks and @Justin, Today I tried it again the same hill with increased load. Me on my board pulling my girl friend (she is 53kg) on just a normal longboard. We still made it to the top although the motor gets quite warm, but still made it pretty good. It doesnt have much climb speed, pull it like 6 - 8kmh up with 90% throttle.

I also think that the way it;s mounted is no problem. It handles my weight and this type of mount would not cause torsional issue.

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I dont like theese videos, i just want to read. Otherwise i will loose much data.