Hub motor idling noise

I recently sold these hubs, and despite working fine for me, the buyer has reported this idling noise issue when turned on. Apparently both hubs emit the same sound. Any ideas what it could be? Supposedly they ride fine.

This is the video I received:

Video aint working for me, but some ESCs detect rotor can position even at neutral, so that might be what it is. My Exway does this.

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can he try a different esc? that sounds abit like theres a modulation coming out of the FETs even tho they’re s’posed to be “closed”

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I’m not sure that he does. Supposedly his other hubs do not exhibit this issue. I sold him my wowgo ESC with it, which I also never had issues with.

I’ll keep troubleshooting with him in the meantime, but if it is the issue you’re speaking of, could this be a problem in the long run?

Try strong acceleration and strong brakes, if nothing goes poof hes prob fine.

Hubs dont really have any logic, it’s the ESC that controls current and voltage to the motor. I can’t really see this being the hubs themselves.

Interesting. I’ll confirm that when he says his other hubs don’t make this noise that he’s trying them on the same ESC, and not just saying that from memory.

Yea, I believe it’s completely normal for these types of ESCs

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