HUB motor, is it worth it?

Hey guys, So in the few past weeks ive been planing my firat project, unfortunately after i finished my “shopping list” i cought my eye on hub motors (@torqueboards specifically) Im building a 8s 11mah spec, i dont really have any hills where im gonna ride so up hill capability isnt an issue.

What do you guys think about them? Are they reliable? Do they deliver ? And most importent should i buy them insted of normal motor?

Thanks in advanced for your comments, Best regards, Rom.

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Hubs can be pretty neat and you have some good selection on a couple to choose from. DIYelectric, hummie, carvon, and jacob all sell hub motors on here and they’ve been getting pretty good feedback. It can save you money and time with dealing with mounts and pulleys, but they tend to be happier at higher voltages. I think you should run at least 10s on a hub motor, and it should be fine for what you’re riding on. They lack in acceleration, uphill power, and heat dissipation, but are otherwise pretty popular to use.

no rough asphalt/pavement? you’re not heavy (~ <200lbs / <90kg)? are you ok with push-starting your board? than hubs are 100% ok

I think hubs work well if you have all of these factors on your side and if you try to keep them cool :slight_smile:

I guess also it depends from hub motor and hub motor, I’ve only tried chinese ones and I’m about to try jacobs… Also carvons are not really hubs so they have advantages over the others imho (they should be able to stand rougher asphalt/pavement than others) and dissipate heat better

im 75kg, i will raide on asphalt and pavements only, what do you mean by “rough”?

im from israel and its pretty hot in here at summer time, you think this might be an issue?

isnt 10s a problem charging wise ? im acully haveing hard time finding 5s batterys on the web (that will send them to israel)

and one more thing, since im from israel its pretty hot in here (can get up to 40c easey) is it a problem for hub motors ?

as charging goes it depends on the chargers and/or batteries you’re able to find.

Hot weather doesn’t help, but since you’re in mostly flats i don’t think it’d be too big of a problem. This is one reason I prefer belt drives myself.

I mean cracked asphalt, with holes, pavement with not aligned tiles and everything that could hit the hub motor can hard enough to make the magnets loose alignment if they are not fixed well enough

amm, well cracked asphalt not really but the pavemnt is not aligned for sure, alot of stone pavements etc…

I had a problem with chinese hub motors going on uneven tiled paths: (see pics, magnet unglued because of heat / bumps and lost alignment)

but I’m sure newer and well built ones are better against rough terrain

For hub motors, I would personally prefer 10S Dual Hub Motor 75KV on Dual VESC. I’d even use 90mm wheels which I should have soon in black.

Flat ground is awesome and you shouldn’t have any problems. Riding a hub motor setup without any belt drive resistance is pretty nice. If you plan on climbing lots of hills, you might run into heat issues for long rides 15+ or overloading the setup (haven’t tried it yet). If you climb hills, you want to go at a fast speed/pace to limit the heat you put through the motors but you’d be surprised at speed they climb some pretty steep hills.

They aren’t like a belt drive, there is not much torque on start-up and you can’t climb a hill with a 5 foot run way. You’d have to wait for the start-up (but once it’s going, you can get to 20mph easy). With hub motors, you might need a 10-15 feet run way and you can climb majority of steeper hills.

Benefits of Hub Motor is the riding style, it’s definitely a more free, coasting riding style. Brakes are nice and soft. Just riding a hub motor is pretty amazing and after start-up the get up on a hub motor is impressive. It’s shocking IMO how well they perform as well initially considering that they wouldn’t perform that well.

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I’ll sell u a set (2) hub motors for 250$ with a set of real Paris trucks and four tires. That’s worth it