Hub motor mounting

the question is simple…

are the square mounts on hub motor trucks a universal design in the industry???

the hub motor i will be buying calls for a square truck mount… the hub motor i am buying comes with its own trucks… but i need 11 inch wide trucks… therefore i will have to source the trucks from a different company… is it guaranteed to fit as long as it has that square shaped thing that holds the hub motor in place? or do different companies do it differently… the last thing i need is to go through sourcing 11 inch hub motor trucks… to find they do not fit the hub motor i buy… or most other hub motors…

i have also seen flanges that hold hub motors in place… are these flanges a universal shape and design???

thanks all

no replies? really? i guess no body knows the size of a square piece of metal, how is this e-board thing ever going to be a true open source community if you cant even get a simple dimension of hub motor trucks, and when you ask your post is met with a collective “meh…”

where are the stewards and teachers of this stuff… asleep at the wheel?

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Well, there only a few compagnie who use the little square thing, sadly there is no standard, and if the fit is bad then you will here a loud rattling sound sin the hubs will move.

And why do you need wide truck ?

we make custom wood decks and people ask us to make them VERY long… which require very wide and low trucks… because the board is so long you will never trip over the trucks while kicking etc… also easier to step down off the board without contorting your hips etc… we are developing a brand of electric very long skateboards… think 2 boosted board lengths basically

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