HUB Motor options (Australia)?

Ive been looking around for some options for hub motors and most of the motors mentioned are out of stock/ not being sold anymore. Does anyone know of any options available nowadays?

Hummies @


We were told by the machining factory 15 days till metal parts are shipped for the new hummie hubs. We have everything else on hand for atleast the first 50 motors, which we have more than in pre orders as it is. But more parts are coming. We will have plenty of hub motors by early 2018.

Solid motors. Best in class. Complete custom designs. 4th generation and refined for power, speed, and efficiency.


Was that 2WD or 4WD? What battery/vesc did you use?

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4WD, 12s zippys with ollin v4,12 quad vesc (regular fets with heatsinks).

Just went for another ride, climbed a steep 20% grade hill and then went down it with no problems with my brakes (beside the danm cracks).

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How do they dissipate heat currently/In the new V4s? Im getting some but real interested in the design

Heat dissipation is much better than the purple v1’s or the steel v2’s. But most importantly, they don’t suffer from stator saturation as smaller hubs do, which is what causes hub motors to go nuclear in the first place.

Basically, riding as had as I can, for 10 miles, up and down steep hills at speeds greater than 30 mph, I have yet to break 160 F, which is the point the magnets will begin to saturate and become less efficient. Before 160 F, the motor will suffer no inefficiencies or long term damage. Above 200 F is especially where you should be more concerned. Even at 260+ F on the old designs, I still got over 1000 miles and a solid year of use before the enamel on the windings started to break down.

Basically, heat will be a non issue. The real problem is managing the torque under your feet, haha.

Thats so dope, cant wait to see them!