Hub motor Tacon Big Feet 160kv direct drive anyone?

What would be the best way (as vanilla as possible) to use the Tacon Big Foot 160 as hub motor? The structure might not be strong enough to carry the wait but other than that. The stator needs to get reinforced and cranted in someways, still doable, bearings… Anything else? I was wondering if somebody’s tried that set up and could share some feedback.

Cheers Boca

160kv is a little too high for a hub motor. You won’t have a lot of torque.

It’s 245kv. Wouldn’t work as a hub motor

No? it is hard for me to understand the differences between the different motors technology and yes I have been reading for a while. But what would differentiate the build of a hub motor from another? Obviously the stator is fixed but beyond that please share if you find some interesting topics around that.

KV matters on a hub motor. Because, no matter what. you cant gear it down. It’s going to be a 1/1 ratio. With a 245kv motor on a belted system you can gear it down. at 3/1 its like 81kv. The reason is torque. Without it you aren’t going anywhere. Hubmotors generally fall into the 100kv range, They don’t work outside that range. The tacon bigfoot motor is a great unsensored motor on a belted 6s or 8s system, but sadly it ends there.

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ok thanks for your reply and yeah as you said, sadly because it is a bomb!

So slap that puppy on a belted setup and call it a day! You’ll climb hills better and go faster than anybody riding unsensored hubmotors.