Hub motors with rubber wheels

i recall seeing a hub motor with rubber wheel / sleeves, but can’t seem to find it anymore (really gotta take advantage o bookmarks).

it aluminum, I think. raw, metallic finish, made from aluminum?

anyone know what I’m talking about?

Skull board hubs, ironically I had someone follow me on Instagram today that looks to be the manufacturer

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awww yea. sweet, thanks man.

Don’t get too excited. Aren’t they the ones with the massive vibration issues and slow accel? Hopefully sorted now though because its a great idea

yea it looks like they need to hone their manufacturing and get that wobble worked out.

gonna wait it out.

I got all excited over those then youtube dispelled my hopes. Pretty keen bunch though so hopefully…

It’s already a pretty sweet wheel except the minor vibration/noise thing. With a set of good rubber risers, the ride is very plush and the road grip is excellent. For bumpy roads it rides so much better than PU. Torque is also decent with VESC.

There are 105mm rubber hub motors available on taobao too… Eventually will get a pair to try them. They’re different from the skullboard ones.



I also found some 6 inch hub motors on alibaba too but those are more expensive so I’ll hold off on getting those for the moment.

Have you guys look at hornetboard on instagram.

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hahahha…needs 8 hours of charging hhahahahha

havnt looked, but is it because of bad charge values with crappy cells?

or just low a charger :thinking:

I don’t know, but i never heard about a board that needs 8 hours for a full charge…remember the Onewheel with 7miles range is fully done in 20 minutes. the Onewheel XR wit 15 miles range needs not more than 100 minutes. 8 hours sounds just like a bad joke to me.

yea that’s because it’s a small battery.

i have a 12s6p pack that takes basically all day with a 1.5a charger.

charge time is simply a product of capacity to fill and charge current.

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oh man, the whole day to charge? im at the point now where I totally love my chinese crap like many in here call it hahahaha Im ready to roll in about 2 hours, its not the best board but in the city i live in it is a lightning and with 40 kmh fast enough to get everywhere i want. I heard about a guy who can load his batteries in 90 minutes with a distance of 20 miles, can this be real?

Bet u could beat 90 minwith the right battery n charger. Red headway cells can do huge amps charging. I bet even the 30q could do to 80%soc at super speed beyond 4amps each

mhh…sounds interesting…in my opinion the charging time is the biggest problem for e-mobility. There must be a battery that can be fully loaded in about a second or two…i heard about new innovated batterys like that, but they are still very big and still under construction to get them a lot smaller. I once had a dream in which i had a never ending nuclear plutonium battery not bigger than a chewing gum, hahahaha…once it is loaded, the power will never end up for 100 years…was a very nice dream.

Look at my post, I have them