Hub motors with very weak brakes

Hopefully next time, the thing is the new remote that piqued my interest. It had a new oled screen with bunch of features.

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Yeah i would say you did. Mine is fine with even me on it. Its my 11 y/o board so I don’t ride it very often but it stops me fine when i do. I found the new version to be night and day compared to the old one so send it back. There is a big jump though going to a vesc on those hub boards. I have a focbox powered meepo that is a lot of fun. For something else though you might consider and indeed I am going to grab a set for my wifes build is this.

Got till the 10th of june to get this price. Special builders offer


thats actually a really good price

too bad hummie hubs are too sexy to resist ;-;


2 completely different ends of the scale. These are good for nice easy build with safe power for putting said wifey on.Hopefully if my evil plan comes together then the hummies will go on my next death machine. Although I did run some meepo hubs on 80 amps once for a bit and they had a surprising amount of punch so these should be in a different league. They did get a tad hot though. Like urethane melt type hot lol Not sure they were designed with 12s in mind but science…


Great, I’ll have to wait until meepo replies. It’s a great kit. But I’m really used to these cheap Chinese remote controllers. Is there a way to change the controller with a receiver?

No its all part and parcel of the esc on those. I don’t like the way they keep bloody vibrating though. Personally i love the maytech sex toy. One of the few remotes that just seems to work every time with no drops and I like thumb lever remotes. What you get used to I guess.

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I have the v3 meepo esc , when my batterie is full(10s5p 360watt hours)its not braking at all… i guess its to prevent over charge but its just dangerous, do you guys know any solution??

Change your ESC, or look into what the Rbrake from Maytech can do for you.

Fwiw, with Spuderoo I slam my breaks all the time when my 10s battery is at 42v, and nothing happens (no Rbrake, just 4.xx vescs, ownboard hubs and a 10s2p battery 🤷)

Thanks for this man :slight_smile: What is Rbrake :stuck_out_tongue:?! I never saw this

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Keep in mind that $30 is no longer available, but it seems as though it should solve the issue of overvolting for full battery braking.

This probably wont solve your escs issue of breaking at full battery, instead getting a 41v charger would do you good… But then balancing becomes the new issue :person_shrugging:

Imo new 4.xx vescs and the r brake would give much better results


Thanks man i really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Did you find a solution for the braking problem? I am a nubee and having the same prob.


Did you find a solution for the brakes (or, lack thereof)? I am running the same setup and have basically zero brakes. I have not connected hall sensors (5-pin) yet. Should that make a difference? I heard they are useless.

Thank you!

Yes it was the bms of the battery :slight_smile:

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I had no brake only when my battery was full full, yes the sensor make the brake smoother , but if you never have brake , even when your battery is not full there is something wrong with your esc i guess

Would you care to elaborate? I am using a 10s2p battery pack with a basic BMS (again, nubie here).image

BUMP! :slight_smile:

The bms prevented the batterie from overcharging so i did not have any brake when battery was full, i used a cheap amazon bms to replace the original bms and the problem was fixed :slight_smile: !

Cool! Thank you. :facepunch:t5:

Well, I have my bms as “only charge” and bypassed and got direct leads to the posetive and negative from the battery. So It cannot be the bms. Most likely it’s the cheap Esc, and the settings that it has from the factory, which you cannot change.

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