Hub motors with very weak brakes

Hey, was wondering if you guys could help me with my hub motor brakes. Ive recently purchased dual 550w hub motors from ebay and the new meepo v3 esc. They seem to run very good but the brakes are awful. There were settings on the controller to increase the brakes and its on “pro” but still with weak braking. Ive tried the hub motors with a working esc and the problem is the same. Can i assume that the hub motors are at fault?

Kind regards Del

It is likely the fact that you bought dirt cheap parts that esc is used buy multiple “budget board companies” and none of them are renound for their braking i got to try this board it uses the same esc as the meepo v3 but has slightly better braking even though the braking on it still sucks

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Well they are cheap, i have one of the older escs . And the braking are not the best but noticebly better. Thanks anyhiw :slight_smile:

These are the meep/wow/own hub, as far as I can tell. I have these on my Spud and the breaking is actually pretty good :thinking:

I would wager its your ESC, because with my dual maytech vescs I have no issues. I have motor min set to -30 and batt min set to -4a per vesc


I agree, the braking isn’t bad on these. And thanks ive tried a friends esc and it seems something is faulty with the esc. The breaking works fine. So i can rule out the hub motors.

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Try switching to a hobbywing ESC.


On a budget, i sent a message to meepo to see if i could retur the esc. I still have the warranty :slight_smile:

If you are on budget get a used dual 4.20 plus or 2 4.12 Flipsky vesc They will cost you as the esc but fair better


Did you buy the brand new version of the meepo esc? Its a hobbywing product and its a great little budget unit. Braking is good and the acceleration curve is very smooth compared to the older versions. I just got one and it was about 60 bucks. Comes with the enclosure, switch and battery meter already built and all the hardware to fit it too. Mt30 adapters and the thing is fully potted. Good deal. One thing you could try is to disconnect the sensors because they don’t need them at all and you get a little increase in power which will in turn give you better brakes.


accelerating occurs cause you pump a bunch of amps into your motor.

When you use regen braking, you generate a bunch of amps from your motor.

If you don’t have circuits to deal with and dissipate these extra amps, or a large enough battery to accept the high amps your motors are generating, you end up with weak brakes. Get a larger battery, get some vesc’s, and increase your regen limits, and you’ll have great breaks. But a meepo is not the same as a high quality diy board. Meppo is cheap for a reason, and not just because they buy large bulk, they simplify the machining and materials. To some degree, it still has 60% of what a good board feels like. But that extra 40% is night and day difference. It’s good for it’s price, but that’s about it.


Yeah, thats the one. But it seems i might gotten a faulty one.

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Hmm, i got 10s5p of samsung 22p. I think they should hold with 10A discharge each. I guess its the esc. Becuase i have an older version that breaks well with the same setup.

Hopefully next time, the thing is the new remote that piqued my interest. It had a new oled screen with bunch of features.

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Yeah i would say you did. Mine is fine with even me on it. Its my 11 y/o board so I don’t ride it very often but it stops me fine when i do. I found the new version to be night and day compared to the old one so send it back. There is a big jump though going to a vesc on those hub boards. I have a focbox powered meepo that is a lot of fun. For something else though you might consider and indeed I am going to grab a set for my wifes build is this.

Got till the 10th of june to get this price. Special builders offer


thats actually a really good price

too bad hummie hubs are too sexy to resist ;-;


2 completely different ends of the scale. These are good for nice easy build with safe power for putting said wifey on.Hopefully if my evil plan comes together then the hummies will go on my next death machine. Although I did run some meepo hubs on 80 amps once for a bit and they had a surprising amount of punch so these should be in a different league. They did get a tad hot though. Like urethane melt type hot lol Not sure they were designed with 12s in mind but science…


Great, I’ll have to wait until meepo replies. It’s a great kit. But I’m really used to these cheap Chinese remote controllers. Is there a way to change the controller with a receiver?

No its all part and parcel of the esc on those. I don’t like the way they keep bloody vibrating though. Personally i love the maytech sex toy. One of the few remotes that just seems to work every time with no drops and I like thumb lever remotes. What you get used to I guess.

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I have the v3 meepo esc , when my batterie is full(10s5p 360watt hours)its not braking at all… i guess its to prevent over charge but its just dangerous, do you guys know any solution??

Change your ESC, or look into what the Rbrake from Maytech can do for you.

Fwiw, with Spuderoo I slam my breaks all the time when my 10s battery is at 42v, and nothing happens (no Rbrake, just 4.xx vescs, ownboard hubs and a 10s2p battery 🤷)