Hubmotor winding explanation

Hi, I bought a cheap 72mm Hubmotor on Bangood or Gerarbest for something like 30$ inkl. shipping. After a successful motor recognition on FOC/Sensorless and completing the VESC Tool setup I got out to test it on the road. Everything was working fine till I hit the brakes for the first time. After hearing some weird noises the motor wouldn’t spin un anymore.

Today I’ve taken it apart to see what the reason for the motor failure could be .

I’ve noticed that the motor wiring seems a bit odd for a normal BLDC motor (See the pictures below): Can someone with some BLDC-motor knowledge @Hummie @evoheyax help me figure out the problem?
Thank you

Regards, Mathias

The phase wires split to multiple poles is fine… As it’s wye winding/termination… would be off to see that on a delta winding/termination… anyway

More then likely it’s your vesc is dead…not the motor

I can’t see any visual damage on my VESC, but it seems like it… Thanks

When you push the throttle. What do the LEDs on the vesc do?

After the incident I flashed the vesc and got stuck at the Motor recognition (FOC). Tomorrow I could try BLDC and see what happens. I’ll report the results.

What Vesc are you using?

Maytech HW 4.12 with C18 Mod, works fine on FOC after the modification (At least on my dual 5065 Setup)

If you can plug the Vesc into the Vesc tool and have a look if there are any fault codes

how exactly? I’ve tried typing ‘faults’ on the Terminal tab.

Nevermind, after flashing it it won’t have any logs left :frowning:

did you click send?

Try running the Vesc again if there is any faults it should happen again and then you will be able to use the terminal thing to find the fault codes. Idk if that will work but it makes sense that it would

yea theres a wye bundle under the wrap and normal. looks like you also have some of the wires broken.