Hummie 12s10p 4wd TB 6380 motors SurfRodz 200mm RKP Trucks Press Fit Marcmounts88 Abec 11 107mm Wheels Focbox escs metrpro bluetooth

This is actually ver 2 of this build. Started out buying parts for it in Sept 2018. I completed it in December 2018. But after 2 accidents. psa; wear safety gear! multiple esc failures and many lessons learned. I decided to upgrade to a Hummie deck. I will try to go in detail as much as possible. But this is my first official build topic so bare with me lol. Feel free to make suggestions critique and offer advice as I’m constantly trying to learn and improve! Non of this wouldn’t be possible without the input parts and inspiration from this forums members I thank you all! IMG_20181023_133722_135|500x500 IMG_20190130_162508_943 IMG_20181114_162505_488 IMG_20181115_224902_881 IMG_20181029_201113_625 IMG_20181029_201113_627 IMG_20190130_164057_997


If I am honest, I don’t like the look of those batteries. No fish paper rings on the positive pole, no rounded nickel strips, holes burned on some of the welds etc.


It seems like their is no hot glue or slicon, which is a big no-no, that will put lots of strain on the nickle

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Those pictures were the only ones I had but definitely not the finished product as you see theres also no bms or connections between P groups I will post more recent pictures with fish paper and tape. I did a lot research before attempting to build a battery still made a few mistakes still learning.


There’s hot glue but I didn’t use a lot.

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so your gonna take the nickle off and rebuild the pack?

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What an awful filter :rofl:

Whats going on here???


also all of those little pointy edges are like little razor blades for your shrink wrap/shortage protection. You ought to somehow work that out



This aint it cheif. @Taz is correct


Ok point noted. I trimmed all of those sharp edges. The fish paper circles I didn’t know about at the time. But they will on the next battery.


Just be careful when riding. If you notice anything bad happening, its not worth the risk of you getting hurt. Just hop off the board and maybe call the fire department… 120 cells is quite a lot


I’d be afraid to ride with this battery.

I’m almost positive you are about to get multiple people replying to say you shouldn’t. There are way too many places this could easily short out.

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What is that battery that is powering the malectrics?

I want to but is he really going to listen?


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Maybe he won’t, but he should at least know this is potentially very dangerous :grimacing:

Either way, is that a supercapcitor bank spot welder? That looks sick as hell

He seems he does. Get in his shoes, he spent all that time building that big battery. He seems to understand his mistakes but let’s be honest, disassembling all these cells and doing it again is a huge undertaking.

Personally I would still do it but I can also get it why someone would not.


The red 38120 4p4s powers the malectrics.


I’ve had no battery related issues. This battery has been reconfigured but definitely needs improvement.

Is that a kydex sheet for the enclosure?

In the future I will scrap this pack and redo it I know a lil more now.


ill be doing a 13s10p pack soon for my build, you can look at how i build my pack