Hummie Deck: New Wood & Carbon Decks. GROUP BUY - Round 5 $125 (Shipped US) + Worldwide shipping POST 2268

Can’t buy anything better or comparable for the same price as far as I’m aware :+1:


Any chance someone else could jump onto this little project of yours? Whats the measure of that Enclosure? (In centimeters please)

! This is sexy af I’ll be wanting like 4 so far gotta get in touch with some people and see if they want one too.

hows it going to mount to the board @bimmer ? id be really wanting it if you can make it mount some other way than the usual bolts with washers into those half way in compression nuts whatever those are called. or at least easier access with a hinge maybe. or whats wrong with just Velcro! I’m doing Velcro. cant stomach drilling the board.

I’m gonna put threaded inserts on mine drill fromnthe bottom carefull not to go through the carbon. Then use button head screws Brass-Thread-Inserts-Product-1-(RESIZE)-min


@bimmer Hey what’s that project you mentioned? Is that enclosure you posted meant for these boards? Does it have any pre-installed parts like battery charger, on /off switch, etc…?

Oops, nvm I just saw the answer is right below, lol. Looks bad ass!

Have got decided what they’ll cost?

I am interested in one of this awesome decks, dual ESCape will fit there nicely. Any idea of shipping cost to the UK?

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If we could get a few of us together and organise some kind of efficient shipping I’d love to get one too. I’d bang you out an enclosure for one of these @stewii


I can put money down in 2 weeks!

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shipping ten to Germany I found was only about.200$. surprising and thought it would be much more. but I’m not sure on shipping there.
if you guys give me a zip code I’m going to the post office in half an hour and can see the cost. @bigben @stewii

I’d definitely be interested in one, also in the UK.


That’s enough :thinking:… I’m in. (Sending right the f now).:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


didn’t make it to the po but will do it tomorrow. (still sending to @Mikenopolis and Zack Nielsen (not sure his name here)). more so busy making motors really and trying to get spinning before midnight.

think we’re at about 6 out of the 20 needed but will count up and post up tomorrow.

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107mm flywheels will not fit i assume? Else i would buy one from the EU guys.

$20 dollars a piece for shipping (minimun 10 decks) is a bargain. Euro guys, don’t come crying later with strathospheric shipping prices on anything. This is a steal. Jump on it.

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Why wouldn’t they fit…

Because of wheelbite, i wan’t them with drop mounted trucks, not going to buy such a board and use 2 inches of risers…

Well if you constrain yourself then yes they’ll probably be an issue :wink:

“Only” 200$…wow that’s a lot… or is it for 10 od them?

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Paid for 2.

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