Hummie Deck: New Wood & Carbon Decks. GROUP BUY - Round 5 $125 (Shipped US) + Worldwide shipping POST 2268

The total height inside should be 15mm (deck cavity) + 1/2" (enclosure inside height) aka 12.7mm, for a total of 27.7mm. There’s some extra room for diagonal stacking or lipo or 26650.

EDIT three 18650s stacked tight is 32.5mm. 27.7mm height with three cells is almost flat.

You can give it some extra height uslng some thicker padding/gasket around the perimeter


this deck is a work of art

great work @Hummie!


I rode it probably 7 miles today without power downtown and back. got on the bus for one block and back off. rather push it up the steepest hills than stand on the bus.
I have it with the trucks super loose now without power but will crank down the trucks a lot when powered and much faster. the length adds a lot of stability and with the fat centrax and 195 trucks i cant wait to put motors on!


I still don’t have grip tape. someone was asking me why not again on the road. I like it. as long as my shoes and the board are dry it’s good. when its really rough maybe the grip would be nice… was going to add a clearcoat with some sand and wonder what you guys are going to do, but i’ll leave it.

haha nice pictures! mine on the other hand you get what you get and i’m not gunna try to figure it out.


I’m trying to decide between these 3


If u want this board PayPal 110$ to humminashadeeba@gmail and they’re made pretty quickly. This is a group buy and when we get to 20 people it’ll be like two weeks more till in my hands

How many more people are needed for the next group buy?

are you for real, it’s in the post right above yours.

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Referring to how many are already waiting so the amount of 20 people gets fulfilled. Like, 12 out of 20 spots filled… Dont assume Im an idiot please


you can see the way you phrased it though how that’d be confusing


It seemed pretty obvious :laughing:


I haven’t written to those above who said they want one yet but so far only money for a single deck from 3 people. If u give me money you get a board. It’s that easy! If u wanted a board and don’t have one I can help. If u already have a board but realize its not nearly as awesome as this one, or u did the math and know that 110$ is only a little more than a hundred and that’s not much then u understand. If u got this far u should get the board


Monies have been sent


list begun: @monkey32(1) @Hummie (4)

it comes slick on top like a basketball court. 110$ plus all shipping costs.

How long will it be until it ships if I decide to go with this deck? It’s really awesome btw @Hummie great work man

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Bump for a great deck at a great price!! Looks awesome man

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it ships when we raise the bucks and give it to them…then the boards get to me…then to you. last time it was maybe 3 weeks time after I gave them the bucks.

Okay… I’ll have to think on it then

Do you have the dimensions? Also is there a Number that you need that could drop the price more? These would be great for my little project.


deck is 40" x 10" hole is 23" x 5.5" and half inch deep

if I get to 50 boards I think the price drops a bit more but not much. just trying to get to 20 though. but 110$…if I had come across this…its a great deal. 2 layers carbon, all the rest not-china maple, and one strip bamboo. a lot of stuff

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