Hummie Hub Motors 90kv 83mm $50[SOLD]

I bought these slightly broken hub motors a while back on here and never got around to attempting to fix them or put them on a build. I believe one of them works and the other just needs new phase wires soldered on as they broke off with the previous owner. I think I bought them for $100 plus shipping but I have no need for them anymore and am trying to clear up stuff so I’ll let them go for $50 plus shipping. This is perfect for anyone that is good at working with these motors!

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@Hummie what do you say? Worth a shot?


It looks like the phase wire nub is right there and you’d just need to add a longer wire. Those tires aren’t very good but the motors are probably fine, assuming that phase wire is easy to fix.


Hey mate, how much is shipping to Australia? Could you please pm me? Very interested.

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Quote me Shipping to Hawaii pls. 96813

If still available.


I’ll take them if you have them. Shipping to 80631🤙

@Hummie Is this just a single strand wind, or should there be more than just the one wire here, measures to be 22awg, I’m sure some early winds were multiple stand. Feels like the motor has higher resistance in general not just a shorted phase, I am capable of disassembly and rebuilding, any tips,
I just finnished reading the entire hummie endless-sphere thread, still reading here Thanks for any help.

Wow been awhile since seen those motors but they were wound by brotherhobby before I started winding them. I don’t know how many strands or what the kv was


Maybe replace the bearings. But removing them was a big pain. That’s a reason I make them now with giant bearings.

Are u going to rewind the motor?

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I’ll do what I have to to get them going again, Any ideas to make them good again or tips would be appreciated Thanks

Not much I can’t pull apart, Now time to get to the Rc forums you have mentioned in your hub forum and do some rewinding

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Hey welcome to the forum. Glad you could join.

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Get the stator really hot n the winding glue will soften and rip it out then be careful not to pull up the corners of the stator laminations. U can fix it but best not to.

I’d do an dlrk winding terminated wye or maybe u can fit an lrk and it sticks out the ends more. I forget how much room was in those and I didn’t wind them

How was the stator held on? Glue? Interference fit? Don’t think there was a pin

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Purely interference, with pressure applied as soon as I applied heat it popped of.

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I’d think the heat would expand the aluminum n make it harder to remove the Stator.

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What part is aluminum? Asking for a friend :upside_down_face:

The center purple is alum and the outer bell steel

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I didn’t look at the picture properly. Thanks man. How’s the new ones coming along?

i wait. ill write the place pouring the tires tomorrow. they poured them wrong and have to redo them. and the hangers the guys says will be cast this month.

Will there be more for sale or just the kickstarter buyers?