HW6.4 based ESC - ESCape

I could ask my father, he is making cases for VESC and other stuff. But it should be minimum like 10-20 qty to make

OK please let us know @stewii V6ESC (that’s what I am calling it) will be shipping soon so maybe you can run a group buy – you supply the units? Or list them on your webshop as that’s what all the cool kids are doing now.

Assuming I get the amount of PCBs I’m planning, hitting 10 won’t be a problem

Can anyone tell me the dimensions of the case? I only have my phone.

I talked with my father about machining the case here is some comments I received about it.

  • The design contains 90º inside corners. (Not a single machine in world will be able to make it)
  • There are no threads in holes

The price would be around 25€ per piece then making minimum 20 pieces. The price includes anodizing and 100mmX100mm logo engraving.


EDM would do it :grin:

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Just a few noob questions: Can you handsolder this? Do you need a hot air soldering station? Would a stencil be of any use without hot air?

Am i correct that the easiest way to assemble a pcb without an oven would be to apply solderpaste with the stencil -> place the parts by hand -> solder them via hot air -> repeat for the other side?

With enough patience, planning, and skill the entire thing can be done by hand. Honestly, I would skillet reflow the DRV/MCU side and do the other by hand. The hardest part would be the GND pad under the DRV chip.

@stewii, do you have the physical dimensions of the PCB?


well the ground pad under the chip pretty much means you need hot air ^^ I really am thinking about just doing it myself. it would dramatically decrease the cost :smiley: Edit: I just googled “skillet reflow”… thats ingenious xD

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Seems like a good price in am! @scepterr you in?

The PCB is 60x60mm and the internal dimensions of that housing is 64x62 mm. We dont really need 90 degree angles, I can put fillets on the internal edges with 2mm radius, I just need to increase the internal size slightly. The threads don’t show up on the step file because I didnt modeled them. 25 eur is a great price.

I asked what best radius would be and he said that 4mm so he could machine it simpler without changing bits in one go

@stewii is the PCB mounted to the 2 holes on the interior shelf? If I can trim the corners of the design without affecting the functionality of the case I can mill it in my machine. I am constrained to a 100mm diameter disc. I think @Kug3lis came with an excellent price for production, but I may make a unit so we can test fit on a first article before running production.

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Where can i get the BOM? :> I would be interested in a few PCBs

I modified the cases external dimensions to fit in my machine and am running a prototype in plastic to see how it comes out.


Yes, 100% compatible. I take a couple of weeks to deliver.

I have made some changes. Should be easier to make one, but I had to increase by 2mm the length, which means I will need to change the cover PCB as well. :cry:

Yes, it is. Thanks for doing that, I was thinking 3D print the design before we move to aluminium.

looks good :slight_smile: wish I had a CNC


So what is the expected performance of this esc? Would it be between the FOCBOX and the VESC 6 or would it be like the VESC 6

Question! How are you ensuring reliable direct connection between fets and case? Looks like those mounting holes would lever the fets off of the heatsink if tightened down. An additional mounting screw near the caps/power entrance tab would help eliminate this. Alternatively, is there a clamping mechanism to hold the fets and pcb tight to the heatsink?

Also, that diode and cap look uncomfortably close to the fet and its heatsink.

I think alot of these issues can be alleviated with minor changes to the heatsink.

Do u know the appropriate height of the fets + solder? I would like to add a raised section around the screw holes to the model I’m working on to correct this.