HYPER BEAST - 36" inch Deck With Integrated Enclosure! UPDATE!

I want in if you will ship to Australia? Looks awesome and just what I am after.

just a thought… if you can push the button far enough forward you could make it taller, and use it as a foot stop. So rather than stepping on it. You push your foot against it. Give it some grip… If you can make it work it would be cool.


The button can’t go any further than that…but to be honest this is the way I am riding right now with my foot stance… I use it as a foot stop and not only it doesn’t bother me it’s pretty useful :slight_smile: …anyway …the solution for the button is going to nicely hide the button, so that’s about it.

The button, is a little to far behind the trucks to be used as a foot stop… I’d definitely suggest recessing it and using a standard foot stop further forward.

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Looks great! Definetely interested depending on the price.


I’m down for one as long as the cost is reasonable… hell, maybe 2.


Depending on cost + Shipping to NZ (or USA within twoish weeks) I’d be down for one.

I WOULD LIKE ONE! I figured the capitals would really iterate the intensity in which i want one of these. Price dependant maybe 2. Cool design. Very impressed dude.

Someone please put a supreme sticker on it and wear a supreme sweater with yeezys and vaping while riding it in a video


Interested in one as well, depends on price. If you are able to sand o the opening button that is since it is located where I would stand.

What an amazing idea! sorry im not interested now and thats only because of money, but wow what a good product. srs it looks good, it has space for electronics and it has such an amazing opening system, I predict this will be a best seller!

Nice, if it will go for <$200 shipped to Europe I might get one!

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Cool design. I’m interested, but scared of what the price might be.

We need more ~40 inch decks !!!


Definitely very interested in this! Will the first batch ship to Europe?

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Its really nice do you know a round price maybe about something?


What is the compartment size? What can be fitted inside? Maybe you have some pictures with Electronics inside? How much will it cost with Shipping to Europe / worldwide?

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Any news on price, shipping etc?

I’m guessing there would be almost zero flex in the board correct?

I’m really digging this thing!