HYPER BEAST - 36" inch Deck With Integrated Enclosure! UPDATE!


Hi Guys. Everything best for all of you in 2018 !!. The hole story here is basically a followup on a topic I’ve created over a year ago. I never actually updated it so I thought I’d create a new topic to show you what I’ve come up with.

So from the begining I’d been working on this project together with a friend of mine who has a lot of expertise on building wakeboards and wakeskates. Together we have done a bunch of prototypes of our deck with different combinations of carbon fiber, foam, wood, aluminium…to ultimately come up with the right combination of wooden core, fiber glass and carbon fiber.

My main goals for building the deck were as follows:

  • Create a deck inspired by my two favourite decks of all time: JET POTATO and his older brother JET SPUD.
  • Improve the overall shape and the looks so it doesn’t look like DIY and more like a high end manufactured commercial board.
  • Have better kicktail
  • Use no screws for the lid, make it easy to open, with quick access to electronics.
  • I travel a lot so it was important for me to be able to quickly swap batteries or take them out at the airport.
  • Ditch the plasticky feel of carbon fiber finish on favour of covering cf in all black matte paint.

So that’s about it. I really love what I’ve come up with, the hole black matte paint looks just freaking gorgeous.

_ IMPORTANT:_ I hope there will be enough people here interested in the deck, as we will need to form a small group to get this thing going. There are many moving parts here but I am working on this project really hard.
This week I have a meeting with a facility that has huge commercial grade CNC machine, and I’ll know their MOQ - minimum order quantity to get this thing off the ground and I’ll be able to come back to you all with the final price for the deck.

I’ll be updating tomorrow with the graphs showing you inner dimensions for all the electronics.





Additional images with grip only on the lid :


I’m down for at least 1, likely 2 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Why is the button to open the lid so big? Any reasons?

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No worries about that. It’s going to be lot smaller. We just had a bunch of the big ones on hand. I’ll be posting pictures later for the smaller one.


My only concern with the button is foot placement… If it can be recessed then no worries


Would be good to know the shape of the deck!


Final button is going to be a lot smaller both in width as well as in height. Shouldn’t be noticeable while riding. Truth be told I’don’t have any issues even with the big button.

The shape is as follows :

  • flat nose section
  • gaspedal for the middle section
  • with nice kicktail in the back.

I’m also concerned by that big button and foot placement. Apart from that the deck looks sweet and I’m definitely interested.

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It’s just with proper stance part or all of your foot is gonna be on the button and even if it feels ok it could cause foot issues down the line

I know where you’re coming from and that was my concern too, but it’s a none issue with the smaller button. I ll be making mock up later to show you how small it is.

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I’m VERY interested. I know it’s early, but any idea of what kind of pricing and timeline we’d be looking at? Will that enclosure be water tight?

I’d also love a 29-31"-ish size as well, if you were considering doing multiple sizes. I find under 31" fits into most large sized suit cases, but just barely.

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I’ll be back with pricing and timeline next week…by that time I should know the Moq for CNC.


I’m definitely interested in this, nice job on the design and materials. I like the matte black paint job on it too looks awesome. What size is the enclosure on this?

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I’m also very interested in this.

if you can do a version with a shorter deck, that would be neat, but your current solution looks great as well.

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Guys thanks a lot for your feedback !!

Button solution for the deck

To address button concerns,I’ve just talked to my partner, and wanted to let you know what we’ve decided. The button that’s on the image is about 6.5cm wide. The one that’s going to be used will be about 2.5cm wide so it’s going to be super tiny. Not only it will be smaller but we will add additional depth under the lid where the button area is and that will allow us to countersunk the button, so it will be nicely hidden.


I’ll be posting the exact enclosure dimensions chart tomorrow. It will easily fit 10s4p or 12s3p. I need to see if 12s4p is doable but I think it should be.


Wow this looks amazing. Love the logo

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